You have just found the easiest, most straightforward gospel piano site on the web.

Most songs and lessons are taught in 10 minutes or less (without unnecessary talking) . Choose from hundreds of current, classic Traditional and Contemporary gospel songs.

The approach to learning


    MUSIC THEORY is the science of understanding and creating music. It takes longer to play with this approach, because the focus is more on understanding.We offer this for the complete learner, but if you want to play quickly, we recommend studying the NUMBER SYSTEM first.

  • Song breakdown

    We have several levels for you to choose from: Beginners, Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional and Organ. Find which works best for you

  • ear training

    Playing "by ear" is often thought of as something that "special" people are "born with". Well, I make a living debunking that myth. This section is designed to open your ears and initiate you into our club.  Are you ready?

    We offer several levels of ear training tutorials to help you learn a skill that will allow you to "play by hear" for years to come.

  • Finger Excercises

    The absolute #1 thing holding most people back on the piano (No, it's not music knowledge) is lack of finger coordination or DEXTERITY. The following exercises are designed to help you strengthen weaknesses you probably don't even know you have.

What Our Students Say

We love our students and want to share their love of music with you. Come play with us! Don't just play, understand.

Sample Lesson (easy level)

(Modified from the "Nashville Number System"). Memorize these seven chords and you can PLAY ALL DAY!

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