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MUSIC THEORY is the understanding of how music is put together. It explains why Jazz sounds like jazz, and country sounds like country...

Song Breakdowns

We have several levels for you to choose from: Beginners, Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional and Organ. Find which works best for you...

Ear Training

Ear training teaches how to play by ear. A person that plays by ear doesn't have a unique, "MAGICAL" gift that others don't...

Finger Excercises

"Fingers That Fly" - Offers Help For Slow, Uncoordinated Fingers - This is a Beginner Level Program to help you get started...


Carl Kenerly, President

Carl Kenerly, President

As a piano teacher for the past 20 years, Mr. Kenerly has learned the importance of motivating children and young adults to love the piano at e...

The Preferred Site for Online Gospel Piano Lessons!

You have just found the easiest, most straightforward gospel piano lesson site on the net.
Most songs and lessons are taught in 10 minutes or less ( without unnecessary talking) . Choose from hundreds of current and classic Traditional and Contemporary gospel songs and lessons.

Our lessons are given for FIVE DIFFERENT SKILL LEVELS. No one is left out!!


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Sample Lesson (Super Easy)


A Beginning Level song "I Give Myself Away" in the key of Bb in three chords. (made popular by William McDowell)

Sample Lesson (Easy Level)


(Modified from the "Nashville Number System"). Memorize these seven chords and you can PLAY ALL DAY!!!!!!

Sample Lesson (Intermediate)


From our Intermediate Section: Memorize the KMS CIRCLE OF 4THS and your simple songs will sound AMAZING!!!

Sample Lesson (Advanced)


Learning to play "Theory: Super Locrian Jazz Run over 7-3-6 Progression" by adding major chords in your right hand.

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